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Carsharing is a convenient way to reduce automobile costs and only pay for those trips you need to make by car, while not having to worry about insurance, gas or maintenance costs - ever! There are several carsharing providers in Berkeley, providing personal use and business use opportunities - why not give it a try?

A Perk for Local Businesses

City CarShare, a goBerkeley partner, is offering a sign-up discount and $50 in driving credits to businesses located in the 3 core neighborhoods. Pay only $25 to sign your business up through this special offer. City CarShare is a Bay Area non-profit that has affordable rates and the greenest fleet around, including electric vehicles. For more information and to sign up online, check out the goBerkeley Carshare Plan at

Carshare Tools

Check out these handy carshare tools to make your trip easier:

Neighborhood Maps
Downtown Berkeley

City Carshare electric car (Photo from City CarShare)

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