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goBerkeley Parking Pilot Final Results

Final results from the goBerkeley Parking Pilot evaluation will added to this page soon. Results are also available in the Berkeley City Council Information Report (5.7MB PDF) from December 16, 2014.

goBerkeley Parking Pilot Interim Results

Below is a summary of the interim data collection that was a part of the goBerkeley Parking Pilot in Downtown Berkeley, Telegraph/Southside, and the Elmwood. For more detail on each neighborhood, click on the neighborhood name.

Downtown Berkeley

  • Baseline Conditions: Parking spaces in Downtown Berkeley core were too full, though blocks outside the core had many spaces available. Customers wanted longer time limits to enjoy activities in Downtown. Garages in Downtown Berkeley had limited spaces available.
  • Interim Results: Extended time limits to 2hrs and 4hrs. Streamlined visitor rates at the Center Street and Oxford Way Garages. Premium Area blocks are approaching a more ideal condition, however 1 in 5 blocks are still too full. Some Value area blocks north and east of the Downtown core are now too full, while Value blocks south of Downtown remain too empty. Center Street Garage remains too full throughout the day and night, despite more active management of capacity. Oxford Garage now has an ideal occupancy throughout the day. After 6pm, nearly all blocks become too full and parking is very difficult to find on street and in the garages.


  • Baseline Conditions: In Summer 2013, spaces were too full near UC Campus; however spaces just a few blocks away near the Underhill Garage were nearly empty. Telegraph Channing Garage had hundreds of parking spaces available. Customers said they wanted longer time limits
  • Interim Results: Extended time limits to 2hrs and 8hrs, discounted garage rates. A significant number of vehicles have shifted to Telegraph Channing Garage and 8-hour Value Area. The 2-hour Premium Area is too full near campus still, but blocks a few blocks away have spaces available. When meters and time limits end at 6pm, most all blocks become too full and parking is difficult to find.


  • Baseline Conditions: The Elmwood had available parking spaces but a limited 1-hour time restriction on commercial on-street parking. Customers requested longer time limits to enjoy activities in the Elmwood.
  • Interim Results: Following an extension of time limits to 3 hours with a progressive parking rate, every block has at least one or two spaces available. A negligible amount of spillover into the neighborhood has occurred following the adjustment. After 6pm, however, when meters and time limits end, parking is very difficult to find.