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How to read these charts: Before we dive in, let's go over how to read these charts. 65%-85% occupancy is goBerkeley's ideal condition for a block - this means that there are one to two spaces available. Occupancy below 65% indicates that blocks are under-utilized; over 85% means that it's very hard to find a parking space. Keep these example charts in mind as you go through the data:

Premium Area Typical Weekday

Premium blocks have have transitioned to a slightly more ideal condition, though many are still too empty while others are too full. By night, nearly half of the blocks are too full.

Before: Premium blocks on weekdays were generally too empty during the morning hours. By the afternoon the number of ideal blocks grew, but by 6pm, nearly half of the blocks were too full.

Premium Area Typical Weekend

On weekends during the day, about half of the blocks are too full during the day. By night, the majority of the blocks are still too full.

Before: Premium blocks on weekends were underutilized during much of the day. During the afternoon, approximately two-thirds of the blocks were too empty; by night, approximately one-third were ideal.

Value Area Typical Weekday

Value blocks have filled up with the institution of much longer time limits. In fact, most blocks are now too full throughout the day, opening up again in the evening.

Before: During the week days, the Value Blocks were mostly too empty. By 6pm, though, there was an almost even split between blocks that are too full and blocks that are too empty.

Value Area Typical Weekend

On the weekend, parking demand is greatest at 3pm; before that, most blocks are too empty. At night, while some blocks remain too full, others are underutilized.

Before: In the morning, there were no Value blocks that were too full on weekends. Throughout the day, more than half of the blocks remained too empty. Only by 6pm was there any even split between blocks that are too full, too empty, and ideal.